[SOLVED] Shortcut issue with Zbrush 2022

I used to assign H key to hide/unhide any subtool, now it doesn’t work anymore; it will work only on the specific subtool that I’ve clicked on to create the shortcut (CtrlAlt on the eye icon) :frowning: :frowning: Which makes it completely useless.
So for now I’m rolling back to 2021 as the new 2022 features are not critical for what I do.
Any help will be appreciated thanks

I’m interested that you ever got that to work in 2021 because I haven’t managed it!

This macro will do what you want though, so you can assign a hotkey to the macro button and it will toggle the eye icon for the selected subtool.

SubTool Vis.txt (1015 Bytes)


Hi Marcus, thanks for the (very) quick answer ^^

I’ve been curious because you said that, so I checked the shortcut file from Zbrush 2021 : Turns out I was using an old macro from Zbrush 2020 xD
Maybe I simply made it with the 'new macro ’ tool, or maybe I picked it somewhere in ZBC, I don’t remember.
It still works for Zbrush 2022, problem solved !!
And err… the code is a lot simpler than your script, sorry well both works in the end ^^;

//ZBRUSH MACRO - Recorded in ZBrush version 2020
[IButton,???,"Press to run this macro. Macros can be aborted by pressing the ëescí key.",


//[VarSet,activeSubT,[IGetTitle, Tool:Current Tool]] 		//set variable name for current subtool name
//[VarSet,CheckState,[IModget,[StrMerge,"Tool:SubTool:",#activeSubT]]] 	//check current IMod state

[VarSet,activeSubT,[IGetTitle, Tool:Current Tool]] 	//set variable name for current subtool name
[IModSet,[StrMerge,"Tool:SubTool:",#activeSubT],1] 	//hide current tool