Solomon Blair ZBrushLive Twitch Stream

Hi All,

For anyone who is tuning in to my ZBrushLive Stream’s, I’ll be posting images and stuff related to whatever is being shown, and will be glad to share any assets and tips :slight_smile:

Thanks again to all of those ppl who tuned in for my first stream. Cant thank you all enough for sticking around, and i’m looking forward to more stream’s next month! More info on the next stream will be posted to ZBrushLive.com

Here is a quick ZBrush render of roughly where I left off for July 20th stream…just getting into adding the base details, and next stream ill be getting into more details for this project. Anything I didnt cover in this image I will be going in and re applying next stream to demonstrate for those who want to watch while it happens :slight_smile: Lata



Thank you for the ZModelling workflow tips Solomon.
Plenty of food for thought.
If you don’t mind me asking, will it be possible to have a summary or screenshot of your custom toolkit menu and shortcut keys at some point?

Cheers, Neil

great workflow, i have already set up my shortcuts and menus mostly like yours!..well kinda, i noticed a couple of macros you had created which i am not very good at yet, the one to mirror and weld all selected axis… looks v useful! and Mask by subtool, which maybe a macro or i just could not find either of them in regular palettes :slight_smile: , is there any chance your arraymesh pdf is still available too, that you showed near the end of the twitch stream, cant seem to find it here in forums, it is an amazing workflow, been experimenting with it all weekend , thanks again for a great stream!

Hi all!

@Shellac - sorry for the delay! Yeah of course. Heres a link below to download the custom UI config file, and the custom hotkeys to load separately. If you open up the hotkeys note file, this shows all of the hotkey commands I’ve been using during the stream. Let me know if you have any trouble loading these:
Solomon Modeling Toolkit Menu & Custom Hotkeys (use the 2 key to open up the modeling toolkit)

@ Alf69 - Thanks so much for the kind words, and I im pumped to hear youre loving the workflow and trying it out! Its a new one for me too, and I keep finding more places where its very useful to crank out some fast details.

For the Macro stuff, heres a good place to start. Its very easy to create your own by recording actions, and really the only difficult part is combining a few actions to create a Macro that fits your needs. If this link doesnt help, i’d be happy to share all of those with you. LEt me know if you want them and i’ll send em over in another reply. heres the link for Macro recording basics:

(Im listing the Division Watch ArrayMesh Breakdown below)

For Anyone else who makes it here to this thread for my stream, as promised during todays stream (8/17) I’m starting to post all of my 4R8 Beta testing artwork in a different thread, including the ArrayMesh breakdown. Here’s the link, and I hope this helps explain in more detail.


Thanks it for now, and i’ll be posting some more images from progress in the stream asap. Let me know here if there are any requests for next stream, or if you have any questions about the stream stuff so far :slight_smile:



… looking forward to having a fiddle with the custom ui. Thank you for the Twitch demos as well.

gracias por tus aportes.