Soldier and robot

My interpretation of a concept by Trevor Claxton. 98% done in zbrush. I used Vitaly Burgalov’s excellent 3d kitbash for some of the mechanical parts. I also applied Jonas Ronnegard’s great hard surface Alphas for some of the detailing. Special thanks to Erwan Mayel, Frederic Daoust, Phil Dugas and of course Trevor Claxton.







great job G :smiley:

I really love it!!
Wonderful art!

Great Work Guillaume!! :wink: you’re a beast!

Intervain Hey thanks for the bump Magda :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for writing andre, glad you like it.

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Woah!!! So very cool! Well done :+1:

TRSpiderman : Thanks man!

Yes my first top row! Many thanks to the people at Pixologic!
You guys made a software that changed my life!

Congratulation On Top Row!!!

Mahlikus The Black : Thank you!

Here is the amazing concept from Trevor Claxton it was based on

Great work and fully deserved TopRow. Congrat!

Max33 : Hey thank you! I’m really proud of it :smiley:

Great work !!! Comprehensive laconic design, good recoghition shape. You rock !!!

This is really terrific work. I love the dynamic between the two characters. I also love how you made the interpretation your own instead of just trying to emulate Trevor’s illustration. Really well done.

peejay29: Thank you glad you think so.

katana: Thanks ! It wasnt easy to change the design but I made some choices.

After a drawing by Bao Pham :
It was made with the intention to be 3D printed. Many thanks to everybody who gave me feedback.



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I likes! :+1:

Her face reminds me of Rila Fukushima. If she was used as your reference, then you certainly nailed the likeness. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks SKYWAYS128.

Yes you got it ! Glad you figured it out.



In all seriousness, you did such a good job nailing the likeness that I had no trouble at all figuring out who it was. I bow before you, good sir. :+1:


Based on a drawing by Johannes Helgeson.




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