Socrates appearance reconstruction artwork

Hey guys, this is my first post in ZBrush Central (and may be first on some cg forum :roll_eyes:).
In fact I have been watching the works of many artists for a long time, and I myself studied and tried a lot, but now I decided that it’s time to start taking activity in the life of 3D/CG community too! I hope it will be a good start.

It is my personal project. I tried to reсonstruct the photorealistic appearance of Socrates as qualitatively as I can on this stage of my experience. I was inspired by some ancient scuptures, old arts and information from some ancient texts about Socrates appearance. Socrates was not an attractive person, but turned out to be really great personality. I really love his philosophy and I think, that it would be great if people had an idea of the appearance of this great man a little more than just like piece of stone or marble.
So it is my view of how he could look like.

I used:

  • Zbrush for all sculpting;
  • Maya for retopology, UVs and scene setup;
  • XGen for groomming;
  • Mari for texturing;
  • Arnold 5 for rendering;
  • some textures of texturing.XYZ for displacement

I will be happy to receive your feedback, comments, advice and criticism, my friends!
And I am grateful to all the members of this community who shared their knowledge and experience, and whose works continue to inspire me.



That’s a very good work, but personally, I’m so used to the marble sculptures that it looks “weird”. Not your art, I insist :wink:

I recognised him immediately, so the likeness is quite good - I admit I never met him personally though.
I do think you can make him even better with some work on the eyes and eyelids, and also by tanning the skin a bit. But that is of course my personal opinion and nothing but.