So, I'm going to try Einstein

Here’s a sketch I did from a reference picture about 10 years ago. I started the model in trueSpace 6.6 maybe 4 years ago, exported .obj, opened in Max, it looked good so I exported as .obj and attempted to load into ZBrush. Had to use the mesh smooth in Max 5 times before I got something decent into ZBrush.




I may have had less than an hour in the initial sketch. Pencil on paper, scanned it in and had to run contrast enhancement. Lots more time spent so far trying to get the model right. It’s not easy :wink:

Still at it here, jumping from part to part. Still a reasonable pointcount. Lowest is just a bit over 4K, highest around 260K. 3 views. Outer images are both 260K points. More work to do as I’m not happy yet.3Views.jpg

Experimenting more with Fibermesh, some of which was converted to geo. Closer to the look I’m after, but there’s still tweaking to do. Total points about 12 Mil. BESTfromBPR2GEO.jpg

Great work man, top-row as far as I’m concerned.

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EinsteinBPR1.jpg Still needs more detailing.

Nice to see you getting in to sculpting, i got some feedback, get some refference for the human build, i used it and it helps allot!
the ears and head aint right this way, maby you can edit it.

Thanks for the feedback, the ears have been getting the attention now, don’t have an update yet. I also need some tweaking of materials and maybe render settings. :wink:

Oh gosh not looking quite right… Leave alone the hair for now! Try to focus on forms BEFORE you start doing hair or renders. My start looked like this too, so first of all take my word and don’t do my mistakes. First is the form then the rest.

You state not what part of the form displeases you. I’m still working on the ears and wrinkle lines. :qu: Is not form revealed by the lighting and shadows cast and received which relates to your material and render settings? I’m still working on small adjustments. I have 7 subdiv levels, the highest is about 16 Mil points for him alone. And I need a better eye texture, I just painted that one on. :wink:

Don’t worry you have good start already.
First try to work a little bit more on lower levels with move brush (no need to go so high, before you add wrinkles).
Try to refine his neck behind his head, so it wouldn’t stick out so much. Search for skull references so you can compare where the neck ends and where the skull starts (somewhere behind middle of ears).
In past i used some Xray photos so I could see flesh and bones (might help you too).
You will probably get in trouble with that topology on his nose, you might leave it as is but probably there will be some bad pinching on nostril.
Try to tweak lips more, corners of lips should be more defined (open mouth is hard for beginners, I know that from experience)
Take small steps, one by one, don’t go into details before nailing basic shape.

This is great, I recognized him instantly!

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Aw shucks, thanks Mealea, you brightened up my day with that :slight_smile: . I thought I might have to grossly exaggerate the nose :wink:

5 lights for this effect. All SSS enabled, BPR. NEWBPR.jpg


Still the vorm is not correct, try sculpting on a lower subdivision level, now you sculpt and use the move tool on a high level, this way you cannot create a correct form. and try to focus on that first, render and fibermesh is one of the last steps.

EINSTEIN.jpgSome people look better from one angle than another :wink:

3MILSD6EINSTEIN.jpg Work remains, props would help but the model needs to be better.


If I settled on one image for a reference it would probably be easier.