Sneak Peek: ZBrush 2021

This update pretty much checks off the major things I have wanted. Enhancements to zmodeler, cloth support, instancing.

Now all we need is realtime rendering and pbr support :wink:.

You guys are amazing, keep up the great work, we appreciate it.

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The best tool in the industry and the real life changer for 3D Artists!!!

Where’s the GLTF importer/exporter though?

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:love_letter: :love_letter: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :blush:

I had suggested the Cloth Simulation & Transparent Material feature few months ago and i am very happy to see it in the video. Its quite Amazing… I am Very Happy :slight_smile:
Thank you Pixologic! :wink: :love_letter:

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очень крутые обновы, особенно ткань и zmodeler с ретопологией. Жду полноценный инструмент по UV развертке, текстурирование как в Substance P и профессиональный рендер похожий на Arnold

Can’t wait to play with those new features! Thank you Pixologic.

amazing update and as always a big thanks for Pixologic Team
from ZB 1 to ZB 2021 !!!

Great work, Pixo devs! My personal favorites are ZModeler edge extrusions, dynamic thickness and the speed improvements. :+1:

3D-Coat had a cloth brush some time before Blender. Good ideas are copied back and forth by developers, artists, manufacturers, etc… In that regard it’s also fair to mention that about 80 percent of Blender’s Sculpt Mode tools and features are copies of ZBrush tools and features.

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OMG!! can´t wait for this!!!

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OMG! too much free update for us!

Instanced meshes, Zmodeler updated, cloth and other great features!

I’m still using Topobrush for quick retopo, any update?
Anyway i’ve seen zmodeler can retopo a 3d model in the teaser!

Very good update! Thank you Pixologic!

Next thing which is needed is proper UV creation and editing tool. This will be great edition. UV master has some nice features but it is nowhere near a proper UV editing tool.

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oh, Pixologic! This is awesome! I love you!!! =) Can’t wait to see the stream!

Super excited!
Next thing - sewing and animated abc import :slight_smile:

Amazing! Can’t wait.

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RIP topogun…RIP 3dcoat… Looks like I will be able to stay in Zee from now on…well done

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Now the long wait until the anouncement of the date of the livestream, only to not announce a date for release of 2021 untill another event or livestream.
The anticipation is going to kill me!
Pixolator, have pity on us!


You need to improve a UV mapping tools for dense meshes. I guess its a must have for a new incomming technology and next gens. As I understand the new approach is going to be based on tiling materials applied to dense geometry to bring surface details to them.
I am talking about new UE5 features and workflow changes.

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Damn ! Finally a cloth solver o_o <3

…it’s just an observation. ZBrush has always been the leader in many innovations and others followed. This is the First time a feature not being demoed by Pixologic first. The Cloth sim feature, Beta versions of Blender have this feature. (makes one wonder if the Aliens are sharing their advanced tech and playing both sides)
I do find it interesting when there is a new innovation and then suddenly a different Co. also figures out the magic.
When ZB is released it will be all the better. Every-time ZB adds features where I don’t need to go to another app the better! ~ Thank you Pixologic!

…also does anyone else feel the need to share new ZB features with people that don’t even use it just because it’s so cool?

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I mean while 3d coat had some cloth capability, it wasnt anything like what pablo created for blender.

that being said, the sculpting tools that blender has and are being developed are more or less what ppl expect of a software for sculpting, and is less a matter of ‘copying’ and more convergent evolution, where two organisms reach the same conclusion because of need rather than actual relation.

the cloth features here on display definitely echo pablo’s work but I’m certain that its more a matter of devs thinking alike rather than attempting to copy each other.