Sneak peek #2 of ZBrush 4R2

…and there was much rejoicing!

Hve you guys noticed that new Noisemaker …
You now define what seems to be both polypainting fillings with matching surface noise…its very exciting.:+1:

And my concern is that they won’t add folders and Texture/PolyPaint Layers:idea:

Way awesome! You guys never ceased to amaze me…

Yeah!!! GoZ GoZ GoZ!!! Great stuff!!! Love the new geo creation and Boolean operations. Really, your only limitation is your imagination.


Now I’ll never get to sleep…:lol:


I’m playing in Z as I write this…so to speak.
What a great bunch of new features. I can’t wait to play!

I too would like folders and things but, in time. Right now, this new stuff
it just plain awesome!


One item on my wish list is the ability to cut a Mesh has finally come true… But it would be extra nice if when you cut there’s an option to (Choose and) make the wedge/hole shapes so when parts get printed, they can be re-fit together…easily.

what the heck did I just see in that video, did I see what I think I saw, WHOA!!! super-whoa! really hope the OSX version ships alongside the Win version(please, oh please Pixo :slight_smile:

Um… holy hell.

HOLLY SH!T!!! Unbelievable!!! I want it!!! I want it!!! when is coming out???

alterton: Sept 20th

I’m impressed, if Sculptris type sculpting is in ZBrush–we can now expect huge polygon counts. That is going to be awesome. :slight_smile:

This is really mind blowing. I feel sorry for mudbox and 3dcoat :lol: There is simply one sculpting app that counts. ZBrush. Call me funboy :cool:


Great! :+1:

Freaking awesome! :+1:

Finally you guys changed the lighting!! FINALLY! =)
Lets hope other bugs are fixed also =)

:smiley: Holy… wow

where is my Jaw?

I Love you love love love you Pixologic


Wow!! This simply amazing!! I love the previews you guys put together. So much amazing stuff being shown here!!