Snap gizmo to the end of a cylinder ring and center it

Hi there,

I try to move the gizmo on the edge of a cylinder ring.

When I press “alt” when I am in sideview, I can snap the gizmo on the edge,
but I am loosing the center of it.

I want to keep the center, but on one axis I want the gizmo to move on the end.
But I can´t use the snapping method in perspective, because it´s a ring object
and I don´t have any geometry (point) in the middle to snap on.
I can eyepoint the gizmo by moving from sideview to the end of the body.
But that is not accectly the end, just eyepoint.

Would be nice if somebody has an idea, to fix this.
Thanks a lot for your help!

Mask everything except the inner ring of vertices at the end. Many ways to do this. For example, hide the back end, set circle stroke, mask the inner ring and hold alt to invert the mask on the fly, unhide the hidden parts.Then click the Gizmo “map” icon to go to the unmasked mesh centre. If not aligned with the axes then hold ALT and click the “rewind” icon to reset the Gizmo orientation to the world axes.

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Thanks Tobor8man for your solution,

but I can´t hardly follow your advise.
I tried to, but guess probably I don´t have the skills right now, to do so.

However, I did not expect, that I need such a workaround to simply snap a pivot to the end of a primitive.

Every app has its own way of doing things. What I’ve mentioned is basic Zbrush navigation.

If you’re new to Zbrush then check out Michael Pavlovich’s Intro to Zbrush. An easy to search playlist covering all the basics.

Also Pixologic’s ZClassroom covers all the features but also has project based examples so you can see how it’s used to create various sculpts.

To see Zbrush in action browse the many live streams Zbrush Live

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Thanks again,

I watched some of it, but probably left out the ones which are from interest concerning the issues i run into I guess.
You´re right that different apps just work in particular situations different.
May I just need to get simply more familiar with the way ZBrush works.

Anyhow, thanks a lot for the recommendations.

Hello @DarkStar ,

What @tobor8man suggested is very simple.

  1. Disable perspective mode so you can “select through” to the other side of the mesh free of any perspective distortion.

  2. Rotate the cylinder sideways and Shift-lock the camera to axis.

  3. SHift-Ctrl draw a rectangular selection marquee over the end cap. This will hide all geometry but the end cap.

  4. Press the “Go to unmasked center” on the Gizmo manipulator. Shift -click in empty canvas space to unhide the rest of the mesh.


Do the same as above except with masking.

The mesh visibility and masking shortcuts are crucial to be familiar with if you want to get the most out of ZBrush. These are the bread and butter of how you isolate geometry in ZBrush to affect only what you want to affect. If these are not committed to muscle memory you will find many things in ZBrush more challenging than they are.

Good luck!

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Hey Spyndel,

thanks a lot for structurize Tobor8man thoughts.
Thats very kind and helped me a lot to get into it.

I will get through in detail, when I am back in office in a few days.

By the way, sorry for criticise ZBrush usage, if that hurts somehow.
It definetely seems to me, to get a lot of advandices
in comparison to other modeling software.
It´s just I find it here and there quite “interesting”.
For example to delete geometry, by the need to delete unselected,
or the need to scroll the bars endless to reach tools, etc…
(I know I can cutomize it :wink:)

I don´t want to argue, it´s just different and need
some while, to get used to it - that´s all.

From that, yes, I guess I have to train my muscle memory,
to get along with it.

So I go through the few steps, @Spyndel
I must say, pretty easy, when you put on the ZBrush glasses.

Hope way of this kind of different process/appoach will become
more & more natural to me.

Also thank you @tobor8man for your quick reply.
Just could @Spyndel follow a bit better.