Smart ReSymmetry Tutorial (ZScript Update 01-09-2005)


Something quick. Based on request from this [thread.]( Hope it helps some of you. Enjoy.

*UPDATE 01-09-05 - Just fixed some info at the end. Nothing to big.



:+1: :sunglasses: Gracias !!MTB

Thankyou very much MTB for a great tutorial, very informative.

Many will be glad of this one I am sure

Thanks again


I haven’t watched it yet, but does it cover the Unify feature?

If your Smart ReSym won’t work, try to unify your mesh - Tools -> Deformation -> Unify.

If you did that, it’ll work like a charm. Make sure you use the Size Modifier to scale up your model after that one, so that your tools work like they did before.

SmartReSym is awesome, I use it all the time.

It might be a pivot issue…maybe. I have never had to hit unify first for it to work. Maybe if it is a Super duper nuclear tool size…haven’t been there though. Thanks for adding that…I’ll test this.

Wow, well thank you MTB. Before I didn’t really know the functions of some stuff, now I have to watch your tut at a step-by-step timing… :smiley:

Great tut, MTB. Many thanks! :+1:


Thank you very much!! Very easy to follow along, quite informative tut. Thanks for taking the time to record the script!!

This is a great tut, I didn’t know about the clear pivots. Well actually I had just forgotten about it and now I wonder what my brain was up to?!! Thanks!!! :smiley:

A great deal of detail has been put into this script thankyou for this well explained tutorial.

Thank you,
now I know how to do it the proper way.


Very instructive, very well done realized and superb helpfull¡¡:+1:
Lot of thanks friend¡

Sorry, I’m really new in zbrush… But how can I watch this tutorial??


dude, You’re the Man!!! I tried everything but you are right! Unify does the trick!

This didnt work for me. Load as a script but nothing showing? ?? Can anyone help me how to watch this? Thanks in advance.

Hey… try this link or go on youtube under a “smart resym” search. When using smart resymmetry remember to push unify if the initial smart resym doesn’t work.
Good luck and I hope it helps.