Small tip for Projection Problems

ProjectAll can produce weird deformations in the mesh with vertices in some areas intersecting ,flying off into space or just jumbling up. I use ProjectAll progressively. I bring the source mesh and the target mesh to subdivision 1, press ProjectAll and then keep projecting at all subdivision levels till both source and target meshes are at their highest resolution. Errors can happen along the way. As with this example the mesh behind the ears was messed up. One way to smooth the mesh out is to go to each subdivision, starting from the lowest, and apply smooth manually. I find it easier to mask the problem areas, invert the mask, and then apply Deformation > Polish at every subdiv level. The uneven mesh will become smooth at the press of a button.



Thanks for sharing Moonlit!


thx for the tip with the polish modifier will be helpfull for most i bet, since i think anybody who ever used project function had to find out a way to smooth all those errors out ;f

Hey thanx a lot Moonlit… I had major problems smoothing out these issues. But Is thr any particular reason y that happens?? coz it doesnt happen all the time…

great tip

Nice. I’d be interested in hearing/seeing anything you wish to share about the Sculptris workflow as it relates to these meshes.

I’m new to ZBrush, but I recall reading about this, and the solution was to make sure your “PA Blur” setting is a factor of 8. If it’s still causing artifacts, your method of masking and polishing at each sub level will work too of course.