Slowing replay of the Zscript

Hi all masters.

I am facinated by Zscripting capacity of Zbrush. More so cause,
though somewhat late, did I find, that playing Zscript is a marvelous way to animate the main Zbrush window activity.

I used to catch the movie off the mentioned window by another software.

Only the replaying frames of the script (by pressing “Play” button below the Canvas in Zbrush) run faster, than I have had the animation recorded to compose a script.

The question: Can I delay the prepared script to control the frame rate during animation? In other words (maybe), can I pause for a while and then reactivate the play?

Somebody has done similar request, but I cannot find it in the Forum archive.

Also the brush is shown during play as a small red dot, present in any frame with morphing .
Can I optionally hide the drawing spot at the replay?



Use zscript->Repeat Show action and zscript->Replay Delay to tuning the zscript replay.
To pause zscript put your mouse in the upper left corner of your monitor…the script will stop and show you the current statement: move the mouse and script will continue.

Hope this helps


Thanks dear Cameo.
Yes, I found some tunings to play slowly Zspipts.
In the Zscript menu.
My mouse at the left upper corner is reluctant to affect the playing speed, regretfully.
All the same the scripting is very useful.
:wink: but my knowledge is not sufficient to cope with the script of the kind.
May be the pausing key will be planned in the next Zbrush version.
All the same, presently I feel so much richer after training myself with the Zscript.
Composing scripts gets all of me presently, beyond the usual
desire to draw.

Thanks again.