slocik Sketchbook

Thx guys, and you might be right, the original sculpt was much smoother, but i took the detail layer and multiplied it 2x ;] And the bumpy materiual makes it look even stronger ;D
Heres how i sculpted him oryginally.

oh okay, but towards the tail could use some smoothing, still though, really nice :smiley:

I agree with Framedworld.

On the skeleton, no prob. I still like how your incorporating it!:+1:

The tail ? I actually think it would use some additional detail, overall ignoring the tillable alpha i made for the skin details his body seems pretty simple to me ;f Anyway i will call it finished, if i would try to fix it now i would remade half of the thing, i will try another unused concept for him ;D Ebulus_2.jpg

started the attempt at the second design, and i already runned out of polies O_o I really need a faster pc. Will wrap him up tomorrow.
Dont know about the tail, i feel long one will make him look a bit slower and weaker, but i may still add a longer one ;d

NICE!! Really dig the design!

Now that is bada$$!

thanks guys, but its not really my design, its one fomr HON ;]

Also started something new, couldnt stop myself, inspired by amazing art of deviants art SoupAndButter.
I have never struggled so bad to get the base mesh and initail forms rigt, it wnet over like 10 versions in 3 h, untill i was happy with this one ;D

And i changed thsi thread name into scetchbook, im slapping here too much stuff already ;D



great sculpt on the detailed surface and volumes, i’d just watch how inflated your design becomes as you sculpt, constantly look at the big picture don’t get lost in the details cause the first thing people see is the silhouete and whether its recognizable to reference found to day

my thread teddy007kong-sketchbook

Great sculpts:+1:

really enjoy that stylized darker version of Polywhirl! I thought it was him but I wasn’t quite sure till I checked the deviant art link. Great sculpt!

I love Hon’s use of colour. The characters are cool (I see why you sculpted what you did). Again, great job.

teddy007kong-sorry, but i have no idea what are you talking about ;D Anyway you should never focus on a silhouette of a character, its never important unless its a multiplayer game, where your characters need to be recognizable from far away.
http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?t=150929 look at this, the silhouette is a total mess making no sens, and yet the model is still mindblowing top row material.
And actually i feel good forms is what im good at, i suck at the detailing part ;]

Berreck- yeah ii loved it too, that’s why i used that concept, i will try pushing the model with a pose and details similar to the drawing

Karthik.AL- thx

Dragon- they do have some nice designs, especially the new ones, i think i will try doing another hero tomorrow ;]

a small update and a quickj pose, so a lot of errors comed up ;D
I have no idea where his tail went O_o



wow, why nobvody told me there is somthing such as BPR ? ;f
Now i can actually render models with shadows, neat.

very nice! i dig the Polywrath!

wow really like It great job

This is really Neville Page quality work, fantastic!

Very original.

5 stars. :+1:

thx guys. I will play around with Polywrath, and try to do a proper render for him, and add more details, smooths some forms, since he is pretty low poly as of now, under 2mln ;f

I was gonna ask who is Neville Page, but then i googled and realized i know his works, but i dont think im anywhere near him ;D Still thanks

Cool designs slocik:D