Slim Girl

Hi Zbrush Central,

This is my first post here. I’ve sculpted this model based on concept art by Max Gon.
Link to his concept art—>

I was learning Keyshot at the time and wanted to try rendering using it. I felt that his concept art was suitable for my experiment. So I chose it and worked on it.

It was a great learning experience and I’m glad to share it with you all at Zbrush Central.
Thank you for your time :smile:
Link to my artstation:


Colorfully done​:wink:

Thank you, Jaime!! Really appreciate it!

Really amazing art! Have you done it all in zbrush? Or used another software?

Hi Laurance, thanks for the kind words. Really appreciate it. I sculpted it in Zbrush and polypainted the textures. Finally I used Keyshot for rendering.