Skullmonkey's sketchbook 2012/2013

Hi all !

I’m starting this new sketchbook because I want to share my latest works and get some feedback.
As I’ve noticed that I’ve never introduced myself :confused:, I need to do it now.

So, my name is Guillaume and I’m a 38 years old Zbrush enthusiast. I’m working as Graphic designer for an communication company in Paris, but I find it boring.

As I’m mostly self taught, I went back to school 2 years ago to learn some 3D, and followed an online class with Cesar Dacoll Jr. back in 2008.

I’m lurking here on ZbrushCentral forum for many years now, amazed and inspired by the talented artists showing their works and workflows with us.

I’m not pretending becoming a 3D artist, but I’m working hard to become at least a good craftsman, as I’m dreaming to maybe work one day in the Industry.

So, I’m hardly in need of advices, comments and criticism on my work.

Here are my latest WIPs.
I hope you’ll like them.

First one is a female Efl assassin. I need to design all her gears (maybe somebody could give me some hints to do better designs), but I’m pretty happy with the overall shape.

Second one is my take on Batman, one of my favourite comic hero.

Advices, comments and crits are more than welcome.




Hi fellow ZBrushers !

I’d like to share with you this sculpt I’m currently working on.
My goal is to achieve a high quality game model to put in my portfolio.
I’m working hard to improve myself and i’ll take any constructive feedback.
It’s still WIP, so I ask for comments and criticism.

Hope you like it.




Hi skullmonkey,

Like it a lot like it is.
Your design has much character and personality.
looking forward to the finished gamemodel

@ Jake Rupert : Thanx ! i need to make him some props now, like a big wooden club, some armbands…

I’m currently refining my batman sculpt I posted some time ago, thanks to polycount Art Jam thread.
I’m in need of anatomy crits.

Hope you like it.


There is some ting about that Minotaur I really like. I guess it’s the loose feel to the secondary forms, good job :slight_smile:

@ Santis : Thank you for your kind words ! It means a lot to me ! BTW I’m trying not to over polish everything in my sculpts. I must struggle against some bad habit I have.

Here’s an update on my batman.

Hope you like it.


C1C welcome