Skull Practice. Need Critic

Hello there, I am new to zbrush since this January. I have been practicing sculpting skull here and there. I am hoping that I can get a good critic on the skull that I am working on. A good advice is to tell me what is the good brush to use, what I need to change to make it looks realistic, and a good tutorial video would help too. Thank you in advance.
(first 3 images are references)








ZBrush Document1.png

I think the skull is very very good. Did you render it in Keyshot, or?
I know you said you wanted an advice on what brushes to use, but taking into account you made that skull, it’d be safe to say you know your brushes:) I don’t know what to tell you except welcome to the community and keep sculpting.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but your skull practice are not the first 3 images (that looks as good as photo) but the remaining ones that looks like a work in progress right?

If so, you are on the right track just use more references such as a top view a bottom view withouth mandible (so you get a good sense of the curvature of the upper teeth and zygomatic arch)

Thank you so much for the for the encouragement

I made some masking on a model to explain to my understanding, what you should look for on a skull, it’s very basique and non exhaustive but it will get you on track most of the time (while using reference of course to double check, which i don’t pretend these images can serve for)

Hope it help

Aw thank dude, I found a cool download call Skull Sketcher that helps a lot.