Skin, BPR and whiskers...(my Sketchbook)

Hello everyone.

Here is a WIP of some testing with skin tones, BPR render settings and the awesome FiberMesh. Still working on the eyes and eyebrows (and the endless tweaks here and there). Cannot wait to be able to save my settings, as writing down what works in FiberMesh is cumbersome.

Anyway, comments/crits welcome.




That looks great!!!

Thank you Promethias!

Here’s an update…the same character in a scene. It is entitled: “A Game of Stones”. Rendered with BPR (of course). Hope you enjoy!


Here’s another skin tone and lighting test. Comments and crits encouraged. Thanks for looking!

nice gollums!! Good stuff

Luv these characters of yours…:D:+1:…Nice lighting, composition and render experiments also.:+1:small_orange_diamond:)

Maybe some foot prints/impressions in that soft looking sand leading up to them…Might add to the story of where they came from…adds a sense of time, like they just walked from somewhere way far away in back of them…Just a passing thought on my part as i’m enjoying your work this morning…:slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing more of your work, and test experiments…:+1:small_orange_diamond:)


Good thoughts Glenn. Thank you.

Just another sketch for the evening…hope you enjoy.


i like them all,I really like this last one.Very cool concepts keep em coming great job!

I sure am enjoying this new Fibermesh. WoHoo!!! Congrats to Pixo for having some very talented developers. My latest sketch (comments and crits welcome). Thanks for looking!

I call this Erebus. It’s a WIP, and C&C always welcome.

Thanks for looking!

I really like this! The toenails could probably use another subdivision level or two to smooth them out and I’d like to see a shot directly facing your creature’s face, but otherwise it looks great! Is that a gel shader for the eyes? I’m a big fan of those shaders for unnatural looking eyes. I think it’s way underused. Anyway good job!

Here’s another one for the sketchbook. Hope you enjoy!


(Dontcha just LOVE Fibermesh?)

GREAT eyes!

What’s your technique?

Just messing around and thought this was kinda funny the way it is turning out. C&C welcome as always.

Love the charicatures for sure and am always in to a joke but I got to tell you that I really hope the presidential one does NOT come true.
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Couldn’t possibly agree more. Well said my friend…

Just to inform you. I am a agirl or should I say a young lady and that should show also that I am one of millions who are not under the smiling gollywog spell.

I think the caricature looks more like Ronald Reagan…

Good for you Zsoka. I am grateful for your intelligence, independent spirit and non-Koolaid drinking freedom-loving demeanor. You can contact me ANYTIME and remember: VOTE!!!

Still a WIP…