Starting a thread to put up some of my wip and just-for-fun type character stuff.

Here is a lunchtime project; Cammy from Street Fighter:

Pose soon and then maybe another SF character.

More to come!



Hey, with this sculpt did you start with a base mesh (Similar to the geometry of the base you use for the disney characters)? It looks pretty similar (well the ears do). I love what you have so far. Looking forward to a cool pose.

Thanks for sharing

It’s all from scratch. Just started with dynamesh spheres. The ears are definitely a bit generically cartoony.

love this style!

yes! great style!

Another WIP character. Some sort of Goblin Brawler. A Girblin. I started with a rough idea, then realized I didn’t really have a design, so I stopped and did this paint-over to find some direction. Still some distance to go on this but this thread is all about accountability and actually finishing things.

Speaking of which, more Cammy soon.

Old WIP:


Really nice design for this Goblin! Strong pose and beautiful silhouette. The color palette seems to fit very well for her too. Also I liked the Cammy!

You have a such amazing art style, the characters feels so alive! Keep rocking! :slight_smile:

These are awesome. Pure gold!