Decided to finally start my own sketchbook thread. in hopes it will keep me motivated to keep working on new stuff.
And hopefully help me improve my sculpting and modeling abilities.
thanks everyone for taking the time to look and/ or comment.

first up is a project i’ve been working on. just a fun alien from they live in the funko big head style. still got a ways to go…


Finally finished this guy up. Was definitely fun to work on.
Done mostly in ZBrush with some Maya work here and there and textured in Substance Painter.
Hope you guys like it.

Sculpt renders

You obviously put on the sunglasses :wink:

Great job and I bet there’s a market for a whole series from that movie!

Finally got around to doing some proper textures and renders of the the queen alien i sculpted a few years ago for the twisted halloween contest pixologic hosted. Could still use some work, but i like where it is for now.

just a few projects I’ve done for Hasbro over the last couple years. Hopefully more to come soon. :slight_smile: Thanks for taking a look.

First one is a little Captain America Dune Buggy for the Super Hero Mashers line.

Cinderellas horse

This last one is Grandma Tala from Moana. (On this one I was responsible for her clothing, hair and the articulation).