hello everybody

i like to start a sketchbook here and share my works with you.
i hope you like them, comments are welcome








f***ing awesome.

Great work! Tell me you’ve been sculpting for a while or I’ll get depressed! :wink:


Yes! Great work!

Great start! :+1: !

LeoAMD: thanks for the kind words :wink:
RawSunlight: thank you aswell and yes its been a while now.I have been sculpting almost two years now in my spare time
jbuck: thank you too
Etcher: thanks for dropping a line <img src=“http://www.zbrushcentral.com/upload/atn.gif”>

while travelling the forum i reckognized once more that a proper knowledge about anatomy is essential for any artist so i started an anatomy sculpt today- took me quite a while and its not really finished (there are still too many issues and the hands and feet didn’t get enough attention)
but have a look

c&c welcome please


and here is some older stuff:
a sculpt of Yasammez - a character in tad williams shadow march
great book btw i love it :wink:



and finally another one - quicksculpt of a some kind of robotwarrior


Great Stuff! :+1: I especially like the Worldeater

Excellent work! Longhead is my favorite. Great hard surfaces, terrific imagination for a convincing alien. You are very talented! :+1:

shhark: thank you
EricShawn: thanks a lot!

here are two more

a speedsculpt on a bust


good night need to go to sleep now :wink:

Wow! Very nice way to start off a sketchbook!!! I look forward to following your works!

t.i.c: thank you! :wink:

had a try on the new plugin
here is the results
i didn’t do much drawing or painting for a while but the plugin really rocks




Fantastic work!! all of your images are incrediible! you are very talented! for real!!

great start with awesome work . i like worldeater look like very strong:+1:

schiefer, those are amazing updates! Anatomy and bust studies are lookin’ great as is your PaintStop work! The Longhead alien updates are awesome -is he your concept? Thanks for posting, lookin’ forward to the next! :+1: !

manzarek123:thanks for the kind words of you :slight_smile:
tokio: thank you very much !
etcher: thanks for stopping by, your feedback (and your sketcher thread) boosts my motivation. yes the longhead is my concept, glad you like him.
concerning the full body anatomy i am not sure but i feel like the calves are too short…any suggestions to improve it?

here’s a little update i did some playing around with the bust




Some nice stuff here

very nice work…
this is going to turn into a great sketchbook…
all the best…:+1:

Ow yeah! That’s some great playin’ around! :+1: !

wow nice shape ,shadow ,design , Great Sculpt

hey schiefer i need to know what he eat ? or he has a monster:D
or he has hungry

nellement:thank you
etcher:thanks once more :slight_smile:
tokio: thank you, hehe i am not sure what he had, possibly some kind of radiated calamari :wink:

all that positive feedback here keeps me motivated thanks for that once more

here are some hands - took me some time to get there but they have still
too many issues - i need to dive deeper into anatomy :idea: