Sketchbook - william t.

Hi everyone ! ! ! This is my first thread on Zbrush Central, I´m sooo excited ! :smiley:
Below are two Zbrush´s renders of a hornet i did @ Polynoid/Woodblock last year for Greenpeace Bees.
Hope you guys enjoy it ! Cheers !!!




just uploaded a new render :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi there, dear ZBrush lovers !
I start to post some BPR renders from the X-Wing model I made for the fan film Call Of The Empire.
This was achieved thanks to the wonderful ZModeler tool !
I´m working on a small making-of, so stay tuned ! :wink:

I was in charge for the X-Wing model and textures, these two stills are created by Trevor Kerr.

A tutorial would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Two more close up pics. Jep roanfarley, next, sneak peak of the modeling with ZModeler !