Study Likeness of Bolo Yeung, a great martial arts actor movie. He marked my childhood with his acting in Bloodsport and Double Impact. One of my favorite vilain ever !





I remember this dude…he was a good villain. great likeness and sculpt!

Chong Li, Chong Li, Chong Li! You really took me back with this one :smiley: you nailed the likeness. Very clean. Amazing job

“You break my record, now I break you, like I break your friend.” I loved that movie as a kid!

Awesome job on the likeness. I instantly identified Bolo even from the tiny thumbnail on the “recently posted” section.

Spot on…

Brilliant likeness - well done!

Who are you going to do next? May I throw in a vote for Carter Wong…

My online gaming handle is Bolo and this guy is the reason.
So you know I like your sculpt. :smiley:

Great job.

Some relatively old works :
Cartoon Stylized Gunfhighter inspired by Lee Van Cleef.
A cartoon roller derby girl.
An my new personnal project, a boxer inspired by a couple of works from the concept artist Max Kostenko. I will try to make an illustration with this boxer against a challenger.

I hope you like this !

A wip of a classic 80’s ninja !

A very good day to Everyone !!!

I hope everyone is having a Great Week !!!

May I please kindly ask who is the person who sculpted the Bolo Yeung 3D Model ?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you very much for your time and kind help !

Warm Regards as Always !

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