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Hello everyone! I am a Junior in HS and have loved sculpting since I was little. A month or so ago I found out about ZBrush and it is the most fun thing there is. Anyway, I hope to one day be as good as all of you! I know that I need to practice a lot to get better and better, and any C&C is very much appreciated.

Not sure how other people get their images, but I just screenshot and crop.
This is my first one. It took about 3 hours.

This one was a lot of fun.2 hours.






Hi everybody. WIP of a Lobster/Lizard hybrid creature. Just trying to improve. I may try to render or polypaint it later.


Lizard/Lobster textured.



First time experimenting with the Polypaint feature



poly painting is fun ! try double document size then aa half with perspective and floor for shadows - place your model and hit bpr for better posts :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:
gets rid of jagged edges !!

Gary Komar- That will be a big help, thank you!
I’m not 100% sure what ‘aa’ means though. and by ‘double document size’ does that mean scale it up 2x, or double file size?


any suggestions very welcome!




AA stands for anti aliasing. It sort of cheats in pixels. 2x is twice the size in pixels.

looks better - Zbrush creates a 600 x 800 workspace at startup. doc double does just that 1200 x 1600 then the aa half button cleans the edges at half the size back to 800 x 600 ( see edges on gear ) so i always double the size i want to export - zoom out - position model while still in edit mode aahalf then export. with floor pressed your model will cast shadow where the grid is. oh and junior in hs keep at it ! you could creating 3d files for tools needed to be printed on mars !!!??? feel free to go thru my gallery some good tips for beginners in there - cheers


Untitled-1 copy.jpg

Wow that’s an extremely sweet gallery you’ve got! Thanks for the awesome tips, I will most definitely do that with my next piece.

Just a WIP. I’ve heard that to get good at sculpting, you really need to know your anatomy.
Any comments welcome!(especially the abdomen area)!


One thing to keep in mind: don’t focus in on a single area and start adding lots of detail right away. Make sure that the rough muscle shapes are blocked out over the entire body before moving on to the next level.

Thanks for the input! Seems like a good idea, I’ll remember it.

My goal is to one day master anatomy.
Comments, criticism, tips, and tricks much appreciated!


Hey man,
I love your creativity and directness. It’s a good idea to get into anatomy right now, and I think you have real potential.
But I think you have to change one simple but important thing:
It seems like your using the Standard Brush a lot.
Take the Claybuildup, Clay or Claytubes Brush instead, and be light on the smoothing, you can always do that later when the volumes and forms are right.
Then cut in some lines with the Damstandard, and refine the forms. Thats when the Std Brush is most useful.

Thanks for the input!
I almost exclusively use the Standard, Inflate, and Move brushes.
With all the Brushes that there are, I need to expand for sure.

The increase in quality from your first post to the most recent is remarkable. Nice work.

Thanks CPost!

Ya man, you’re doing great. In a few years you’ll be on the top for sure, lots of potential in you.
Keep working!
And the tip about clay-- brushes is really great. THe’re best to build up forms and volumes.

Thanks for the tip nebular. I’m thinking build up the form with clay and move, then detail with Dam standard and whatnot.

A WIP of a new piece I’m doing. Using the great ClayBuildup Brush for the first time.