Sketchbook Julian K 2011

I recently said I won’t be posting anything for a while due to work. Well, that was half true. I won’t have time for any complex detailed provate projects, but I figured a little sculpt-sketching here and must be possible. Had some spare time today and did those 2 quick head studies as a starter for my 2011 sketchbook :slight_smile:

Reminds me a bit of William Sanderson from BLADE RUNNER.

Beautiful sculpt :+1:

I think your trademark ears should never leave your sculpts, because they are really intriguing :+1:

P.S. whoa, great site!!

I like it very much! :+1:

webhead - you are actually right. had to google him since the name didn’t ring a bell. don’t recall him from Blade Runner, but have seen him in True Blood.
There is indeed a similarity to the second head. even the haircut :slight_smile:

Cherub - Thanks a lot. The ears? :slight_smile:
uhm and what site do you mean specifically?

Bas Mazur -dank je wel :slight_smile:

Santis - Thanks man, glad you survived the big bang;)

Oh, a great 2011 start. :+1:
Powerful portrait. Your style will become a ‘school’ sooner or later julian.
Ear needs some more attention btw. Just saying lol.

Thank you Michalis. Yeah, I wasn’t paying any special attention to the ears. it was really just quick sketches ripped out of one and the same mesh.

there must be some ear fetish going on here :wink:

Hi Julian
cool sculpt !
looking for more sculpts from you :slight_smile:


His hair looks awesome what brush did you use and what was the process?

Hey man, nice to read from you. how are you? how’s the ‘project’ going?

there must be some ear fetish going on here

LOL, it is. So many years in painting, so many portraits and when started working in digital sculpting apps I realized that I didn’t know how a human ear is. Now looking at some of my old paintings-sketches and see that everything was in place. :laughing: To work on light shadow and colors is different than sculpturing. Is it? Now I’m trying to reproduce lighting in sculpture, it will take sometime but I’ll post something decent, I hope so.

Now starting to learn how noses are. So another fetich here.
Eyes… solved.

This area between nose mouth eyes and ears is my concern but this is another story. :laughing:
I’m talking for my sculpting tries of course. You’re a master julian. :+1:

2 brushes: dam_standard and buildup clay . the process is to draw the big main flow strands with a strong dam_standard so you get real sharp high raised edges and then fill with the clay brush.
for example 2 high damnstandard strokes in parallel, set buildup clay brush strokes between them until you have almost filled the valley and then add fine dam-standard lines for detail hair lines.
the other thing to maybe mention is in this case I also started with the short hair around the ears and neck and worked my way up to the top longer hair. this way I layered the hair as it would in real.

one note though - to get it really nice you need to do fast dynamic strokes which can be a problem at higher subdivision levels if your computer doesn’t have the power to draw them at a nice dynamic speed of your hand without dotting the lines.

If I have the time I’ll maybe do a quick vid soon which shows the process.


Super cool that you are going continue posting, and better with a sketchbook! great sculpts! i really like the way you made the hair, have an excellent 2011 Julian!

here’s a quick timelapse where you see how I’m constantly alternating between the dam_standard and the buildup clay brush.

hope that helps a little.

<object height=“385” width=“640”>

<embed src=“http://www.youtube.com/v/IKRXbAKMN2o?fs=1&hl=en_US” type=“application/x-shockwave-flash” allowscriptaccess=“always” allowfullscreen=“true” height=“385” width=“640”></object>


oh and… Thanks a lot manzarek :slight_smile:

here’s another quickie. I might push this one further. not sure yet.

and another.sorry for the quick and dirty renders. almost no ps work involved.
I’ll probably slowely continue working on that and the baldy.

Wow! I wish I could do something that good and just call it a quickie. That is really good stuff. How do you do your skin pores? Is it just an alpha and DragRect stoke?

awesome sculpt Julian_K ! I really dig his anatomy and would love to see him textured and rendered !

zber2 - Thanks a lot.Regarding the pores- It’s a custom alpha of slightly blurry dots and a mix between spray stroke and dragRectangle. Usually when going for the final detail I combine it with countless micro wrinkles which I actually do by hand with the dam_standard brush so I have complete control over the flow.

Bomoh - Thank you sir :slight_smile: I just looked at your Joker which is really excellent .one mean grinning bastard :wink:
Your last King of Scotland is also terrific.