Sketchbook by Ohnisko

Hi guys,

This is my first attempt of modeling complex hero in Zbrush. I start with body and wear. I hope it will be Barbarian after I will finished it. Any feedback is very welcome.



Another pic of work on my model.

nice work! keep going…!

Hello, Now I work on suggestion of sculpture that will be the price for champion on amateur Mr. Olympia.All models are in progress.
First image is Eugen Sandow The Father of Bodybuilding in natural look.



Another pic of Sandow. Still in progress.

Some new details.

New proportions of legs.



think it looks good… just something i’d like to point out. the hands and feet seems a bit too small proportionally to the rest of the body. (not the muscles) tiny infact. compare your own hands and feet in proportion to your body or use some references of bodybuilders to get an idea :idea:

It really a good anatomy practice!

Here is final render
Final video





I finished model of gold medal. I trust it will be made in China to the end of this year. Because next year must be ready for winners.
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Here is new model of bodybuilding trophy:




Well… the anatomy is off…
Let’s just take Eugen as an example.

First off, his sternocleidomastoid is too far apart, second of all when turning his head, his mastoid would activate having a sharp edge at the bottom of the clavicle.

he would have more prominant striations in his chest, particularly where the manubreum is.

Rear head of the deltoid doesn’t extend that far back.

His abs… look insane :p…

His obliques needs to intersect with the sartorius.

His vastus intermedius has a very weird form. Yes it is a bipennate muscle, but the striation would extend up further.

The vastus lateralis can’t converge at the same hight as the medialis. has to be higher up.

Patella tendon needs to be more visible.

Soleus would probably be more prominate.

There’s the infraspinatus at the back on the scapula, but you have a secondary muscle?

His latissimus doesnt reach down to it’s insertion on the posterior superior illiac spine, and it needs to tuck underneath the trapezius.

There has to be an overlapping of the latissimus and the teres major.


haha you end that with a smiley face, thats cold cowboy.

As for arnold, I’d keep looking at references. your anatomy is a bit off…but its definitely fixable! keep going man, don’t take things to heart :confused:

“His obliques needs to intersect with the sartorius.”
I was kinda tired when I wrote this… meant serratus xD…

Well you know :p…
There’s no real way to sucker coat it… But yeah… I may have come oof a bit too strong there :wink:

He should be holding a giant syringe of growth hormone.

i lik ebthe governator statue.

The Arnold pose looks way off…




this is my new 1 year project called Conan. I was inspired by image of Joe Jusko.
Everything was done in Zbrush and Photoshop.

Wow, I love that image. Great work.
My only thought would be, considering he’s in the heat of a battle though, possibly tone down the shiny newness of the axe, helmet and shield.