Sketchbook and WIPS

Hey, just started taking a ZBrush course, figured it would be cool to post my projects up on here as well!




Hey guys, little more about myself. My name’s Casey and I’m living in New York. This is the first formal class I’ve taken on Zbrush, and is probably like my fifth or sixth model overall. Feel free to give advice or constructive critique! Breaking out of my comfort zone here with a female and something that isn’t a monster!




Assignment for class two. Any critique is appreciated!

Week 3. I really need to learn how to paint these things.



WIP of a character I’m doing for hard surface technique. This is the rough basemesh, I’m going to go through and extract plates and panels/add cylinders for cameras
and boosters. Also I just started to hit the legs. Feedback’s appreciated if you’ve got it!


Hi Creuter
You have some wild looking renders here very well done, and you are new to Zbrush?
Man you have some great skills for being new to zbrush, looks like your on your way to making
some fantastic sculptures, I realy like your young Female girl, beautiful render, where did you start from Dynamesh or zspears?
All the best to you

Thanks Lou! The girl started out as a Zsphere, and was really an experiment to leave my comfort zone (of monsters and aliens, etc). I’m currently enrolled in an online Zbrush intro course
with Gnomon and having a real blast with it. I’ve got a background in drawing and illustration, as well as maya modeling and it’s amazing to be able to kind of
blend these skills together in Zbrush. Thank you for your kind words, I can’t wait to learn how to bring some color to these creations!


Sketched out the plating on the legs, gave fingers, and got some reference in there for the tail!



Polypaint class! Nearly done with the model that I’ll be painting!



Woot polypainted! Still a lot of room to improve, but it’s a start!




This week I sculpted and projection painted my girlfriend!
Also learned that I’m not a huge fan of Fibermesh!




Also just want to plug the class I’m taking! It’s an online Intro to Zbrush Course at Gnomon School taught by Scott Spencer! He has taught me sooooo much. Not just the tools, but a lot of necessary technique!

Hi Creuter
I also have Scott Spencer’s DVD intro to Zbrush and I have been watching his class’s just about every day now for weeks now
I got to tell you it is one of the best Learning DVD’s on Zbrush that I have,:+1: and he has a few more Tutorials on the web that I have checked out
He is very easy to follow along with, and the dvd’s are loaded with class’s 42 video’s
I’ve been following your sketchbook pages and your posting some great renders
keep up the great work
all the best to ya

Thanks for the kind words Lou!

Revisited my Rat-no eyes-thing for our comping class! HUGE improvement.


Cool looking creature … very different! :smiley:

Cheers, David