Sketchbook/ 3d print projects

After seeing such great work from all of you I believe it’s time to get some critique on my own work. I am a 26 year old who has decided to go back to college and study the digital arts, specifically 3d character modeling. I have not yet taken my first modeling class but with the help of my brother and some amazing tutorials I have almost completed my first project!

Using 3ds Max to create the base mesh and Zbrush to sculpt and work all of the details, I am coming somewhat close to finishing Alice in Wonderland’s, The White Rabbit. As you will see there is still much work to be done but hopefully in September I will be 3D printing it into a 150mm collectible kit! This will be the first in a series hopefully, to help me get through school, learn, practice, and gain some great knowledge!

Remembering I still don’t have a good grip of Zbrush4r4 I am very open to any help/critique whatsoever to make this look as good as possible!









What are you going to have it printed with?

150mm can be pretty pricey. :frowning:

MentalFrog: I agree, shipping out a product of that size to print would be really expensive. My brother and I have a house together; pretty much just a big workshop; and we purchased a 3D printer for a really great price. It should be coming in over the next few weeks at which point the price to print is going to be a fraction of what sending it out would cost!

Nice, what printer are you getting?

It’s called the b9 creator

Finally got the rabbit posed. Added the necktie, cane, and base. I have started the wrinkling process and still have a ways to go. Will add pockets and then also I am redoing the hands.

Please let me know if the pose is ok or if you think it needs some adjustment. Also any other advice would be great!