Sketchbook 2012


Just felt like doing a new sketchbook thread!

So to start it off I did this bust a month ago and got it 3D printed and casted with Ownage. And I am super happy with them.


ZBrush Document.jpg

ZBrush Document2.jpg

Nazuwrath AD.jpg

2012-09-22 11.04.38.jpg

2012-09-22 11.34.03.jpg

2012-09-22 11.34.49.jpg

2012-09-22 11.41.26.jpg

2012-09-22 11.43.44.jpg

Cool ^^

Came out really well, nice design and sculpt.

It occurs to me that if you’d made the base of the neck concave people could have bought these and used them as replacement heads on a number of different figure bases, as conversion kits, just a thought there for next time, I appreciate the price atm might be prohibitive for that use but a two part print base/clavs up; might also allow interchanging of bases for figures in your own range later too?. Obviously a dedicated person could hollow and carve them to fit anyhoo.

Great work and goodluck with sales.

looks great man :slight_smile:

aliengraphic: Thanks!

AdamRodgers: Thanks! I would probably do something hollow next time cause it could make things cheaper then cause its all about the volume in printing. It stands pretty well and has some weight to it which I like. Pretty excited to do more too in this range.

Framedworld: Thanks man!

Oh and here is the final render which comes as a print with the statue!:slight_smile:

And also a polypainting timelapse video below.

<iframe src=“http://player.vimeo.com/video/49349678?color=ff9933&loop=1” webkitallowfullscreen="" mozallowfullscreen="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder=“0” height=“300” width=“500”></iframe> ZBrush Movie from David Richardson on Vimeo.

this stuff is simply stunning !!

Really a magnificent piece! Love it!

Great sculpt. Love it.

Yes, hollows are the way to go when your paying per cm3, but mainly I was trying to suggest recycling of bases and variety for folks who purchase, always good to look at the BIG picture and consider say 5 figures down the line and how you could have given the customer more bang for his buck as such.

Love the render and thanks for the PP movie, that’s my breakfast viewing sorted :slight_smile:

An awesome result, Great stuff!

xtrm3d: Thanks man!!:slight_smile:

SolidSnakexxx: Thanks so much!:slight_smile:

Cinoklu: Thanks!!:slight_smile:

AdamRodgers: Yeah I think for my next piece there wont be a stand hehe… Thanks!:slight_smile:

bfgnz: Thanks!:slight_smile:

Zbrush sculpt of one of the girls I did for Industria Mechanika. Im pretty happy with this!:slight_smile: You can read more about it here http://industriamechanika.com/<wbr>blog/

Really inspiring work there man

that chick is badass!

man suuper awesome work! :smiley:


michael milano:haha Yeah!:slight_smile:

Funky Bunnies: Thank you!!:slight_smile:

And here’s a more close up shot and some other angles of this badass chick!:slight_smile:


Hey! Great stuff! That print really came out nice! The last one is great:) was the guns done in ZBrush or other app? Will keep an eye on this thread for more goodies.


Looks unreal! great work