Skecthbook & Wips

Hi guys, my name is Jose Pericles, this is my first thread here, i’m aspiring artist in traditional and digital sculpture and also a student of Alex Oliver in his studio, i’ll share some of my studies and works, c&c are very welcome :).crianca.jpgmale.jpgfemale.jpgnegona2.jpgestudobraco.jpgestudomao.jpg







welcome to zbc, your anatomy studies are wonderful :slight_smile:

Welcome to zBrush , Killer characters.
Can’t critic perfection.

Man great studies, only the closed fist from the top looks wrong, but rest is amazing ;]

@kokoro, thanks man, im really glad that you liked!
@RorrKonn, wow thanks a lot man, but its a long way to perfection, but thanks for u kinds words!
@slocik, i loved your work man, im really glad for your c&c, thanks for the tip!

here is some bust that i made days ago:



amazing stuff pericles
your friend from egypt
omar mansour

amazing models Pericles! Love the Predator, please post some images of the clay Predator too here,and congrats ,really amazing stuff .

Welcome to ZBC! Looks like a very promising start to your thread. Looking forward to seeing more.

Your anatomy studies are awesome, I really like them. The predator also looks great.

Wow… Outstanding models Pericles, please post more :smiley:
Keep up the good work my friend.

@omarpac, thanks, my friend, glad to see your comment!
@alexleia, thanks a lot, master, your words really means a lot to me!!
@Webhead im really glad that u liked, thanks!
@ecas hey, i apreciate your kind words!
@gabriel-muniz, thanks, my friend!!!

here is a render test of the predator model, did in maya/mentalray:



Looks awesome man! Just quick question, what poly count did you render in mental ray, did you decimate the model first?:):):slight_smile:

@jchave49, thanks! yes it was a decimated, was about 1,6 milion faces.

Wow, this is absolutely incredible!!!

Really amazing work.

@codexehow thanks, im really glad that you liked!

Model that i did for a cghub CharacterForge 3D Contest
here is the link of the contest, voting is open: http://cghub.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12251



Really cool sculpt!

Lots of character and action to it. Nice work.

Now I have the great plesure to write in your thread…GREAT My friend! Best Regards

really cool man. I like the mouth. A bit like a monkey mouth but still make him look like an animal

You are beast! Congratulations man!

@tonare thanks man! thank you for ur kind words!
@Sérgio Ricardo thanks i lot my friend, u are one of my inspirations!
@soulty666 wow… i love you work, im really glad that u liked!!
@RMeyer thanks my friend, and keep it up!! :slight_smile:

A render done by someone who really knows how to do a good render, my friend Saulo Lisias:

and here a caricature attempt of Moff Tarkin from Star Wars, played by Peter Cushing: