Sitting Woman

Hi, this is my recent personal stuff.
I used ZBrush, V-ray and Hair Farm in 3dsmax.
I hope you like it.

And you can see other stuff on my website.





Excellent work:+1:


OMG! So beautiful! Love the cloth and the renders too! More please.

Had to spend some time on this one checking out all the details. Fantastic, I’d love to see more aswell.

Beautiful work! Would love to see a shot without the textures, too.

Zbrush shot


I much prefer the hair in the ZBrush shots - why did you change it?

Absolutely superb work.

Thx everybody for your interests.

Hey Thor.
thx for your comment to my post.
I agree with you.
I always feel hard to make hairstyle. There was simply no other choice. Because I used Hair Farm demo version that couldn’t save setting hair data.
I don’t have the old version. :slight_smile:

I smell a TOPROW position!!! Wow, absolutely beautiful and gorgeous work you’ve made, I really like your realistic and picturesque style. Keep up the good work and I’m curious to learn how you made that dress so detailed.


Thanks for posting shots without the textures. I can really see all your beautiful detail work. Definitely top row. :+1:

Thanks a lot for your comments.

You can download a full-size image (3200 x 5000)

Really wonderful piece! Agree on the hair, the fiber version kinda ruins the overall quality on the image, also the eyes look a bit too large, the human eyeball is 2.4 cm, and it’s the same for everyone. The clothes are top notch, did you use Marvelous?

the human eyeball is 2.4 cm, and it’s the same for everyone.

-Is this really the case?
Howcome that certain people like for instance Audrey Hepburn
appear to have such big eyes?

just two words, Tow Row…

hate you for the Cloth you did…hehe… seriously good work man

Thx for your advice.

All clothes were made by hard surfaces modeling in 3ds max and detailed in Zbrush.