Sith Lord - Darth Nailus

This is a character I’m working on at the mo, my first post on here in over three years in fact.

[Sith Pic 17 (face test).jpg]Sith Pose - Color test.jpg

Crits, thought’s and opinions most welcome :slight_smile:


Sith Pose - Close up.jpg

Sith Pose.jpg

[Sith Pic 12.jpg]

Forearm Armour

[Wrist - close  up 4.jpg]sith pose 3.jpg


Wrist - close  up 2.jpg

Wrist - close  up 3.jpg

Wrist - close  up 5.jpg

Shoulder pad - up close.jpg

Shoulder pad - up close 2.jpg

Shoulder pad - up close 3.jpg

sith pose 1.jpg

sith pose 2.jpg

New updates to fist mitt and chest armor + more shots of figure

Realised that I havent posted any pictures of him without his cloak over his head. [![sith-pose-10.jpg|960x720](upload://yReAiEPIIVZHM7IAe6BX0AQSLBA.jpeg)]![sith-pose-9.jpg|960x720](upload://eN1u5qLhY6p70EJAtGzdAzHROtF.jpeg)













nice work so far… I’m not shure about the chest armor but it’s your work…:+1:

Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

Could you be more specific about what you don’t like about the chest armour

Yes! Darth Nialus!!

You just made any Howard Stern fans laugh. I know I did. :lol:

I think the earlier crit on the chest armor is because it looks kinda lame. Just some triangles, a circle and some scratches. Zbrush allows you to go nuts on details like that and at this point it is pretty weak.

Do you have any ref. pics for him? He is looking more like a roman soldier than a starwars guy.?

Also would add some stiching and weight to the Hood material. Thicken up the material a bit. It just looks like a super thin plane.

I just don’t like the shape of it but that’s my personal view… I would have made it more like a mandalorian neo-crusader chest armor… but it’s your sculpt…

maybe you could make the hood a little bigger… take a look at the sidious robe and it’s hood !!

Disclaimer: Since I’m like a newb of CG, pretty much ignore my comment if you will, unless someone more experienced than me says “he’s right”. Also, I haven’t slept in a day, so that might have affected my way of writing… like, badly.

Hi there, love seeing someone try a Star Wars Character. I’ve always been a huge SW fan, and played an Elder Sith in Star Wars Galaxies (MMORPG) for years…

That being said, I gotta agree with the others. It’s your sculpt, and it’s probably only my own taste. But, I don’t dig the hood, it should have more mass. You might have to do that towards the end of the sculpt though, when the character is in pose, to have the robe overflow the silhouette of the character, and the hood make the face disappear… And I really mean disappear… Make it invisible, then go ahead and light up his lightsaber(s?) to make it reappear in a creepy red-reflected fashion.

On the armor, I don’t really like the dragon thingy. There’s really billions of established symbols in the Star Wars universe, but those dragons are not part of it. If you wanted to go for dragon, you could go for Khimogila or Krayt Dragons. But still I would omit the idea, and go for a more clear look. Lots of detail on the chest plate and the rest of the armor, but not so much symbols and stuff, this guys is not an Immortal from 300 or something. I’d make the chest plate only show layers of metal and that kind of stuff, more like a banded armor, if you will. And then, have one distinguished symbol piece, really stand out on top of the plate on one place (take FF7 Advent Children’s Cloud for one example: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v356/Sleepar/Cloud_Strife_FFAC_by_Sleepar.jpg The piece that keeps the entire armor together is like the only symbol thing in the entire armor, which makes it stand out so much.).

I’m not a professional artist (yet) and I haven’t posted anything on these boards yet, but in my experience, what makes a CG character, be it in game or movie or other stuff, stand out from the masses is a unique design that doesn’t overflow on those antic symbols you’ve been using, unless you go for a soldier-of-the-roman-army look. Take a look at what some of the best, in my opinion, are doing, Square-Enix. Their characters are almost always one nice composition of clothes of a certain style with very little design elements. Which makes those little things all the more recognizable. Vincent from FF7, if I had to think of something on his armor, it’s a metal fist glove and those belt buckles around the top part of his coat. Or Sephiroth? 2 overlayed leather pads on each shoulder with 3 holes in them. Holes. That’s all.

Okay, I’ve definitely lost track of where I’m going with this, but still, I recommend taking a break to think about a few single points on your sculpt that stick out and give it the unique touch you’ll probably want, and make sure the rest looks so much like an assembly of real clothes that it makes cosplayers wet their pants…

Also, a quick google for ‘Sith’ showed up some nice images that you might have already seen, if not, go ahead and get some inspiration from them:

maybe some more belts would be cool to… I’m only able to do some image editing in Photoshop 'cause my pc is too weak for zbrush but I’ll post something tomorrow to give you an idea of what I mean with the chest armor and belts…

Must admit, you’ve made very interesting details for his cloth.
As for the head, upper part of the face covered by the sith robe. And because of it, angles of mouth attracts much attention. Corners of lower lip should quasi to come under upper lip.
I think, you should tweak lips a liitle.


:laughing: My mates have been going on about the chest armour (nag, nag, nag) and now you sir. No in all seriousness the chest armour is being reworked and will definitely sport a different design :+1:


No worries about the lack of CG experience, as long as the crit is given in the right way it’s always helpful and yours is given in the right way:D.
The hood will be redone as apart from the lack of thickness there are a few other things about it I’m not happy with.


Will adjust :+1:

maybe this will help you on the hood…


and for the armor…

and for belts I thought of something like this…

and I found this entry on wookiepedia:

"Although similar to the armor worn by the Jedi Knights of the Galactic Republic, Sith armor was in fact much more personalized to the wearer than its Jedi counterparts; indeed, for many Sith, their armor was an integral part of their identity.
Sith armor is also sometimes called or classified as dark armor which is the name given to any suit of armor that was worn by a Dark Jedi or Sith. These types of armor were designed not only for protection, but to augment both the wearer’s Force powers and their lightsaber combat style while, in the tradition of Dun Möch, also intimidating opponents.

The term “armor” can be somewhat misleading, since it is most often used to refer to any ceremonial or battle dress. For users of the dark side, though, this armor usually involves some measure of physical protection, such as traditional armor plates, cortosis weave materials, or even self-contained life support systems.

Many Sith are most easily recognized by their distinctive armor, and often use this to further intimidate or impress their foes and allies alike."

Maybe this is helpful to you, maybe not… off course this still is your sculpt. Do what thou want with it…:wink:
may the force be with you…