Sisa the soldier

Here is my firs render.
Any suggestion welcome.



Um… wow. I don’t know whether to be frightened or titillated.

But what a fantastic job! Great sculpt.


Nice sculpting. A small crit, it might just be the perspective, but the hands seem a bit small.

but the basic of the body was taken by 3D scan. May be I choosed wrong perspective.

some people manage to put heels even on shoes which ain’t even supposed to be heels at all? gives it some satisfaction to you?
Heels won’t make her more female. Actually you downrated the whole picture with that. She is overall very male and women of her type would never disgrade them selves with heels. this creates a diffusion.
Remove the heels and it’s far better. Otherwise it’s extremely ridiculous.

The heels are fine. They just need to be knee high boots. :wink:

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@MentalFrog: Just to the knee? Not those ones that go ALL THE WAY UP? Aww come on! With all those little hooks and grommets and lots of lacing and maybe a bunch of straps with buckles and… ok I will shut up now.

@MealeaYing cmon. Don’t talk me down as if i were a mere troll hating randomly. this is wrong.
I gave critique. It’s based on my opinion, and more importantly, on the opinion of my girl who can describe taht picture way better man can do.

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It’s truely one of the stupiest man-fantasies. Every female creature on this board is equipped with heels. Sometimes I think that you people do believe women are born with heels.
Not that I am against it. but on many sculptures these are ruining the whole feeling.

On some pictures heels are more unlogical than on others. And here they are extremely unlogical.

Either you do sexy boots or do sport shoes but a mix of both is actually arkward.
knee high boots would look well on her. But not a sexy nike edition. This is truely… just arkward.

Max. You give basically the same critique to every sculpt you see. And it’s always something rudely worded. Perhaps this is not your intent and you believe you are actually giving constructive criticism. I haven’t seen a single post by you where you actually praised someone for doing a good job, or even for making progress.

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ohniskosk; I apologize for my mini-rant and I think it’s a great sculpt.

I actually seen girls with shoes like that, must be a New York thing. I like the render.

@Voodoodad If you start losing you start correcting someones spellingmisstakes.
I praise nothing because there is not much to praise.

And I wrote many good comments to works i do really like. But the only thing I see on ZBC is tons of copies of super heroes and boring heroines with heels. Like it’s a recipe : boobs + heels + ass = art? I dont think that this is the way it should turn out. I see potential and I tell people my opinion. Nothing more nothing less.

Maybe taste is lost in America, though not in Europe. It’s truely AWKWARD that all of the heels-heroes come from america.

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He’s got a point about the heals, especially on this piece. If you’re going to make her a solider get her out of the bikini/high heels. If you’re making her a female body builder then put her in a pose and lose the military gear. Right now it looks like you don’t know where you’re going with this. Also turn head so her face is towards the audience. That’s just a really strange pose you have her in. The hands also have a really weird foreshortened effect from the positioning and the guns she’s holding.

If you’re really trying to go for the sexy military girl then you’ve got to make her look sexy. Right now its GI Jane in a bikini. The sculpting is technically pretty decent although if you scanned that takes something away from it IMO. Just decide if she’s a soldier or sexy soldier then cloth her appropriately. This current costumer combined with the face and hair doesn’t work on any level.

TLDR Technically good, artistically bad.

You cant be serious, geez what an ego

actually this is wrong. most of “top” top row is definetively coming from Europe. Digital Art is coming from America that’s right, because software is coming from America. Though Art itself is coming from Europe :wink: This is no stereotype, this is a fact.

Anyways, I agree with you, this was exactly what I ment.