Single Axis Navigation

Is there a way to rotate your view around the model on a chosen axis instead of it tumbling? The 3 rotate options in the transform palette aren’t working for me very well. I’ve used timeline and keyframes to accomplish it so far.

Hi @travisbarker3d

You can use the Gizmo 3D.

@zber2 without physically moving the model?

Not by rotating it, no. There is a plugin that will set it to a selected view with one click. The Axis plugin by Roland Kaiser. I use it all the time. I can’t find a download link so I zipped it below. Just extract it to your plugins folder.

Axis Tool Position 4R6 update.zip (3.4 KB)

edit: Anybody else seeing this that wants to download the plugin, it says 4R6, but it’s still working in ZBrush 2022.0.5.

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That’s a good plugin, I’ve used it a few time. I appreciate the help. I’m hoping that in the future they’ll adjust the navigation so that you can basically use the same actions that the Gizmo 3D allows for moving a model, but for navigation as well. For my CNC work I often to view my model from the side so that I can adjust it as I work, so being able to basically spin the view of the model without physically moving the model would definitely help.


The squeaky wheel gets the oil. You can put in a feature request by submitting a ticket to Support.

Thanks I’ll definitely do so then.