Simple problem... HELP!

I am disguistingly new with zbrush, and im in a deep hole when remeshing zspheres… i send and example here of what i get when i do de remesh all, and when i do the project all nothing gets better, ive tried with several models, but with all of them i get the same result… bubbles, and anything looks like the model… this example is taken with the dog tool that comes with zbrush 4.
What am I missing? please!
Ive followed several tutorials and tried to find the answer online but i never found this problem before in any post.
thanks! Capture.JPG

I think your just missing a step. While in ZSphere mode, Press ‘A’ key to generate an adaptive preview first, then press ‘Subtool > ReMesh All’ to have a new Unified skin added as a subtool.

Wow you just saved my life and throw me out right into zbrush sea now. I really appreciate it!