Siggraph, I ain't goin

…but if you do would be grateful for your reactions.

Cancel your plans?

well hell…how the hell am i supposed to live vicariously with humor thru you and how the hell am i gonna get the z3 version of a keyring if ya aint there man?

you do know that San Diego has a nudist beach…notorious…well was ummmm some 25 years ago anyways hahaha for being a nightly news occurance…fyi…it’s only adviseable to visit during low tide…come high tide you have no place to run…literally…and only one or two ledges to hide from NEWS at 11:00 or was that 1:00 there? can’t remember…just remember stupid folks…NAKED stupid folks…being rescqued nightly by unamused rescue workers…Black’s Beach was it’s name if Alzheimer’s hasn’t settled in completely…

anyways…the news is amusing eh?

I wont be there myself this year, as much as I wanted to, I simply have way to much on right now. Which p*sses me off no end, as I really wanted to go this year. I do expect a full report mind;)


Had moved, many things to do…
Time marched on.
Kept putting off reservations until all that was available
was transportation on a fruit truck from New York.
And the only rooms left had hourly rates.
My fault!!!
Hopefully the next one will be in Brooklyn, New York.

City of Angels.

Hopefully one day there will be a Siggraph Europe for us poor oldworlders. :frowning:
Thank God there’s internet, now we can at least drool over pictures.

He won’t go there either! :smiley:

Siggraph was pretty cool this year. The big thing that took me by supprise was of course the 3.1 upgrade and the major interface change. The booth totally kicked ass because basically they got a bunch of artist that rock and they were going thru there workflow. It wasn’t like your tipical here is this feature and here is this feature. It was more like here is how I am useing this tool at the moment. The techniques actually varied a good amount. Scott Spencer was really adiment about staying on the low sub-divisions untill you have blocked in your form. The rest of the guys seemed to up there sub-divs alot faster. There was alot of talk on useing masking and useing morph targets. The morph target switch was used alot after it was set. For example Scott Spencer would set a morph target on some closed lips. Then he would smooth the crap out of them to get them seperated so that he could easily put on a mask. After he did that he would use the Morph Switch to snap back to the closed mouth positon. After that he would hide the unmask area and make it into a polygroup so that he could easily select it later and Mask it off. Making it posible of course to tweak just the upper or lower lip. Or you could open the mouth on a layer and turn it on or off if you needed to get in there.

Anyways watching all the artist kicked ass. I didn’t see any naked women on the beach as like the true dork that I am I stayed in the convention center when they were probablly doing naked jumping jacks.

… and there you have the reason for “I ain’t going”!:lol: