SIGGRAPH 2012 Recap Video Series (All 5 Videos)

Damn, look at those guns! :stuck_out_tongue:


Sweet thanks Pixo!
I was only able to attend a few of the presentations, so I had my fingers crossed you guys weren’t just filming for internal purposes! Keepin my eye on Drust’s Presentation, maybe my goofy mug is there in the crowd somewhere haha.

Thanks again, pretty awesome you guys are doing this for everyone.
Shout out to Paul Gaboury. It was awesome to meet him in person and discuss the killer book he put out!

Awesome!!! thanks for posting this series!!! Pixologic rules.

These video’s will be a treat but I’m really writing because I would like to purchase a Z-Brush hat and possibly a tee. :sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

I’d buy a shirt / hat. Any chance they’ll be available for purchase through the pixologic site?

Topology, mouth bags…blah, blah, blah. My art sucks, I want a hat.

Thanks a lot for these clips. Actually these are very helpful for those who couldn’t attend the session. But one thing would have made this initiative more helpful if you upload the whole session video. Thanks once again.:+1:

Second this, having the hair video cut out was a bit of a tease. I was loving the tute.

Cool to see something none the less.

Thanks for sharing…

"Unfortunately, due to NDA restrictions we are not at liberty to show their demonstrations. "

Damn :frowning:

My thanks for broadcasting the knowledge of the Oracles available beyond the confines of Delphi.

To open up the experience of Siggraph to all in this manner is wonderful and greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot for posting…:slight_smile:

I am still trying to figure out that topo brush.
Practice makes perfect I suppose.

Great Stuff as usual.

New vids are great. I still have a question about the extruding edges mentioned in the topology brush one. Head just goes to the edge of teh mouth and eyes, saying that we can extrude those edges. How do we do that? Anyone know?

video 3 in particular was awesome.

personally, i’m finding doing edge manipulation/loops/traditional modeling techniques in zb to take a lot longer and be a lot more tedious to do than in something like maya so i’m trying to figure out a good workflow to handle hard surface tasks inside of zb… and i think this kind of almost CSG style booleaning with dynamesh may be the way to go.

would love to see more videos on this kind of technique

  • ideal/max resolutions… what we should be aiming for
  • best practices
  • things to avoid

anyway, great series.


Great Thread, thanks for sharing, handy to see you can get rid of topo overlaps, and other insteresting tips.
Count me in for hat/shirts etc.



Great vids, though they also raise the jealousy factor for me, seeing all those lucky people in the audience. :wink:

Also: Surely, there must be somewhere we can get our hands on those t-shirts/caps/etc. A cape would be nice, too, to go with the shirt, because I know I’ll feel like some kind of superhero walking around with the ZB logo on my chest :lol:

Personally I’d like ZBrush boxers LOL!