Sidisi - Magic The Challenge

This is a model I did for “Magic The Challenge”
Its a contest on facebook with MTG theme. We pick a card and do a 3D printeble model.
I picked the “Sidisi brood tyrant” card, and did my own interpretation.
Hope you guys like it!


Hi Thiago,

Is this already printed? Looks awesome. Well done :wink:


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The details looks great.Love the presentation!!

Welcome to ZBrush Central @Thiago_Oliveira ,

What a great entry for the magic the gathering challenge. I really like the exection of the model aswell as the sculpting of it. Really intense breakdown for 3dprinting so thank you for showcasing that here. Did you use the boolean function inside of ZBrush to get the precise cuts so it fits exactly the other part?

Looking forward in seeing more from you on here.

Happy sculpting,
Kenny :slight_smile: