Sideshow Collectibles Batman & Catwoman Diorama

Hi Guys! I wanted to share my my second work with Sideshow collectibles.
Its 1/5 Diorama of Batman and Catwoman. I had a wonderful experience working with Ian MacDonald (design and lead of the project) and Richard Luong. The paint made by Chie Izuma.
Special thanks to Daniel Bel and Martin Canale for a feedback!

More info on this page

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Terrific work! Thank you so much for sharing! :+1:


Gorgeous piece all around Maria :clap: Was this statue inspired by a particular ‘period’?
Catwomen face reminds me of pinups from the 60’s :clap: Nice one!

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:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Thank you Marcus!

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Thanks Jaime! I’m glad you noticed it, we did kept in mind pinup style and Norman Rockwell commercials era :slight_smile:

Such a fantastic piece right here, thank you very much for sharing it, great work!

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Great Work

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