Sickbrush 3D sketchbook!

Hey everyone!
My name is Cristian Chihaia, i’m a concept artist for Ubisoft Entertainment and this is my first big Zbrush model!

I’m still learning the basics so there’s plenty of mistakes in this… I’m sure i messed up so, so many things :frowning:
I used a ton of insert meshes from BadKing [thanks so much!] and the ones that Zbrush comes with. I’m sorry if the messed up normals and vertices are super bad, i barely know how to fix them, but hopefully it will get better!
The final model has a huge count because i failed miserably at decimating it, it’s sitting somewhere around 2.7 mil which i’m sure can be brought down heavily.








Great debut, dude ! :wink:

Looks bloody great to me.

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Hello everyone!

Here’s a new fast truck i did, almost everything is bashed from inserts, i’m trying to find a fast way to draft concepts. This took 4-5 hours but i think i can get it faster [or i hope].
Thanks for watching!

when you pass off a hard surface concept sculpt do the 3d modelers retopologize using something like quad draw in Maya or do they remodel it from scratch? I was always curious about the hard surface sculpt to final model workflow? Great work btw! So awesome you could pull that off in 6 hours :smiley:

Nice work. :+1:

great work

Thank you guys!

@Dive - i haven’t integrated this into my pipeline at the studio just yet. i still need to pick up the speed a bit more for it to be feasible as a technique, at the moment i’m still faster if i just paint it from scratch. However, looking ahead, i think they would just model from scratch. I do a pretty messy job and i think the meshes would take more to fix then doing from zero. I use a lot of transpose and i bend / pull / push meshes so the geometry gets broken quite a lot.

tldr - i think they’d remodel everything from scratch but my models could help offer a more clear view art direction wise.

Great work! Very inspiring.

Where can I get the BadKing insert meshes?

Here’s a new one! Same workflow, IMM + Painting. Whole process took 5 hours for this one!

Here is today’s lunchbreak 1 hour IMM bash :