shortcut key to make gizmo, go to unmasked mesh center

any shortcut key to make gizmo, go to unmasked mesh center? Every time very troublesome to zoom-out all subtools to find that gizmo and press the 3rd button, please help

There’s no way to assign a hotkey but this macro may help. It will move the Gizmo 3D to the middle of the canvas. You can then easily click the Go to Unmasked Center button. But note that you may also want to Alt+click the Reset Orientation button so that the Gizmo is properly aligned with the axes.

Save the file to ZBrush 2018\ZStartup\Macros\Misc\ folder and press Macro>Reload All Macros or restart ZBrush. There will then be a “Center Gizmo” button in the Macro>Macros>Misc sub-palette.

Center Gizmo.txt (860 Bytes)Center Gizmo.txt (860 Bytes)

You are very helpful, thanks!

The marco is good, but everytime I have to open the Macro and click the button to activate it; and the gizmo is mostly not at the center but at the right-bottom corner of the canvas. any help to improve the solution? Please!

You can assign a hotkey to the macro button just like any other interface button.

What is your screen size? When I have time I will take another look at the code to see why the Gizmo is not moving to the canvas center.

good, hot-key is a good idea; my z-doc canvas size is 2222x999px and my monitor is 1920x1050, hope you’ll give me more help, thanks!!!

I’ve made a change to the macro - hopefully it will always be put in the center of the screen now.

I’m grateful, any link to download it?

Sorry, I missed your reply. I updated the original file, so link is the same. But if you have updated to the latest ZBrush version - ZBrush 2018.1 - then there is a new button in the Tool>Masking sub-palette for Go To UnMasked Center, so all you need to do is assign a hotkey to that!

good, I have 2018.1 so I switch the hotkey for your previous macro to the new button now! I’m grateful for all your help!