Shortcut for center transpose line (click white dot)

Heya guys, I’m starting to get a good flow with ctrl-click masking polygroups, alt clicking subtools etc, but one thing that always slows me down due to its precision is clicking the white circle to center the transpose line and align it to the object axis. It’s incredibly useful, so much so that I’m doing it all the time and really want to assign a keyboard shortcut to it. I’ve tried recording a macro to see if a command would show up for it, but no luck.

Is there anyway to do this? I can’t think of how to write a plugin for it either if it’s not exposed to zscript :frowning: Having TransposeCenterAndAlign or similar would be great, and it would be even better if there was a button in the standard menus somewhere, perhaps under transform.

edit: Apologies, I left “Question:” off the thread title!

Thanks guys!

It’s possible to center the Transpose Line on the visible mesh. The example code below shows how it might be done. But I don’t think there’s a practical way of getting the object axis (I’m not even clear how ZBrush decides that anyway.) The code below simply aligns with the Y axis.

[VarSet,xPos,[IGet,Tool:Geometry:X Position]]
[VarSet,yPos,[IGet,Tool:Geometry:Y Position]]
[VarSet,zPos,[IGet,Tool:Geometry:Z Position]]
]//end button

Thanks so much Marcus! ZB is a bit inconsistent with the axis but it does a great job a lot of the time! This snippet is a great start. I wonder if I could grab the object’s world rotation and draw a vector with the transpose along its y axis. I’ll let you know how I go :smiley: