Shikhar's Sketchbook

Hello Mates, I am definitely not a very active member as far as posting my work is concerned …but i always keep an eye on the Great artworks being posted here frequently by some really good artists from all over the word… I am a novice in this field…I am Starting my sketchbook here , and will try to keep it up to date :slight_smile: Please have a look and pray for my Career he he :smiley:
All C & C are more than welcome .

plumBoy is a concept I created some time ago…Planning for a game version of this model

2 copy.jpg





hello shikar, what a great start :cool:
the plumboy concept is amazing!

a very fascinating start bhai,

Hi Shikhar,
Nice start,keep going:)

nic work shikhar…:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: vadiya hai bhai…:sunglasses:

nice works keep it coming:+1:

This is coming out really well!

Nice stuff

@schiefer - Thank you so much for such nice words.
@siloit - Thanks Brother for liking it.
@BhushanArekar - Thank you Bhushan for liking my work.
@basantjoshi - Thanks Sir ji :slight_smile:
@Alagukahrthic - Thank you so much Karthik.AL… good to see your comment on this piece.
@Derek Frenzo - Thanks Derek Frenzo, Thanks a ton :slight_smile:
@canndis - Thank you Anuz Sir, Its so great to have your comment on this :slight_smile:

Would Like to Upload and share this one with you people :slight_smile: hope you like it,

A Quick Doodle based on an artwork by a fantastic artist Denis Zilber(http://www.deniszilber.com/)…


:+1: cool work dude!!! :+1:

Shikhar Plumboy is lookin great!! :+1: :slight_smile:

Thanks Sumeet !

One more sketch :slight_smile: hope you like it :slight_smile:


I really like that plum-boy. are you going to texture him?
lots of great work in your blog :slight_smile:

Great sketchbook and nice concept with the Plum.

Just a small comment regarding the pants in the crotch area: They seem a bit too stiff and not so flowing.

Good!! keep it up… :+1:

wow, really great characters !!

woe ! your work is great dude :+1:

@Julian_K - Thanks Julian_K for liking my work :slight_smile: Yes, planning for a game version of plumBoy…
@TheMonkeyKing - Hello TheMonkeyKing, I got your point, and agree with you… will definitely work on your suggestion and give an update asap.
@sculptor.zb - Thanks sumeet
@nielot007 - Thanks a lot nielot007
@RenoAnimations - Thank you sooo much :slight_smile:

playing with imagination

Another update for my sketchbook :slight_smile:

A Quick concept sketch :slight_smile:





This is very strong work.