Shield for Print + ZModeler





nice thanks for sharing. I didnt see a way to control the thickness though?

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Great tip Thanks… but real measurements in ZB would be a major plus… even a heat map on set thickness’ for printing… this showing one the danger areas… its all there but by working through third parties and online stores like Shapeways but gets tedious…

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Thank you very much but I dont quite understand the isolate part.
How is this done?

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Ok, I made this video maybe can help, Thanks for watch.


Nice! I pretty much use the exact same method, except I hide and flip the outer polys to face inside then extract for thickness using a setting of 1 for the smoothness. Then project the details again. Provides a fairly clean edge and does a fairly good job in most corner areas.

Sigmund, you probably already know, but under the Geometry palate, there’s a size tab which shows the exact size of a subtool. The workaround I use is to add a separate subtool, a cube or sphere, and set it to the desired thickness, then place it tangent against the model and compare the thickness of the results of the extract, or in this case, the Qmesh. It may not be exact, but you can usually get the thickness to within .002" of the desired size.

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Thank you, is good to know. :smiley:

I use Panel Loops. it really is a great way to get a shell :wink:


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Hi Christopher… Jip thanks for that, I know that a point on the system equals a mm and use Modo for most of my measuring, 1 meter in Modo eaqual 1 mm in ZBrush, but we are working in microns most of the time and yes I have bounding boxes and all… I just feel the program could cater for this or at least in newer version, would be a killer for jeweler market. Then a good heat map system like Shapeways will be a time killer, I currently up load to shapeways check my model, try and fix in ZBrush, re-upload and this can go on for 10 sessions at a time before Shapeways accepts, but their print is then virtually perfect…

The technical jargon is what ZBrush has free us from leaving us time to create, so this would give me even more time…

But it is a great program, the best…

Thanks for the work around, I also use panel loops… I use panel loops for all my text creating to… and odd flat extrusions which I can later sculpt… very easy and saves a lot of time…

Thanks guys…

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Panel loops looks great! thanks for share. :smiley:


Play around zbrush+keyshot bridge, one piece no UVS, skin material.

WIP - ZBrush + Keyshot bridge, new mesh paint only…

Another shot, the textures are not finished yet, I’m going lazy those days…but keyshot is amazing for those renders.