Shepard's Sketchbook

Hi, my name is Bruno, welcome to my Sketchbook.
Here is the place i’ll post some of my mess, from the scratch to the final piece.
I’ll start this thread with my current project, it’s a Sci-Fi guy, with goggles, lights and stuff like that.

I’m planning to include a surprise in the final piece, but i’m not sure yet.
So here’s the Wip :slight_smile:
Hope you guys like it.

I’m still working in the eyes, the mouth, and the whole piece, but for now this is what i have.




I’m planning to use Fibermesh, but i’m not sure if i’ll still working in this piece.
Hope you guys like it, and remember, isn’t finished.

The eyes are too close together in the front view. They should be spread apart a little more.

Eyes Fixed.jpg

Thanks for the feedback!


Sup guys, here’s the new update in the model, i think he’s looking better now.



I like your character’s face, it conveys the kind of expression I am going for on a similar project. I am working on an all out steampunk guy, and I am trying to decide whether to make him a kind of 50’s detective, or more of an Indiana Jones type character…

Thanks man!
I can’t wait to see your project!

Great head! :+1:

Thanks Asecbrush!
I love your stuff man, thanks for the comment!

Here’s the other render with some sjdustments in the ear, i’m still working on the ear, hope to finish this model soon.

Cool sculpt :). Are the goggles done in Zbrush? They could be tightened up a little in my opinion.

Hey Polaroid, thank you for stopping by!
Yes i did the goggles in Zbrush :slight_smile:
Thanks for the feedback!



Here’s another preview.

Now i’ll start to work in the texture of the goggles, and in some other forms, this render is just a test using BPR.

Great one - Keep it up mate - I think you did a great job with the anatomy.
The googles are cool too but I’m sticking more to the anatomy.
Wow it made a huge difference, before and after when you had the eyeballs spread further like that
Looking forward seeing more from you,
Kenny :slight_smile:

Thanks Kenny, thanks for stopping by, and thank you very much for the comment! :slight_smile:
Soon i’ll post more updates.

Looking good! What material are you using for the head?

It’s a custom Skinquad SSS material that i made.
I think that with this material, the render don’t lose much detail, but for now it’s just a theory.
I have to thank Julian K for the tutorial with the SSS parameters, and Francois Rimasson for the Birthshadeball, that is attached to the slot 3 of the material.
This material basically consists in a RGB slot, a Skinshade 4 slot, a Birthshadeball slot, and a SSS slot.
Feel free to use it :slight_smile:



Thanks Shepard!

Thank you Shepard. Much appreciated.

You guys are welcome, soon i’ll post an updated version of this material.
Have fun guys!