Unlike Billy Batson,When I said the magic word, my superhero transformed through Zbrush … :slight_smile: So here’s my “Shazam” which I did in my leisure time.( Well I really wanted me to be transformed as well,but u know :wink: ) finally it’s time to call this project done.
Model, poly paint and render in Zbrush. Comp- Photoshop
Hope you guy’s like it, say the magic word :smiley:

Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9eVEBy


nice bro.

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Really nice composite. Great use of the BPR shaders.

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Great work!

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Thank you soo much :blush:

Thanks so much! Glad you like it​:blush:

Awesome, nicely captured the fun mood

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Thank you shashi​:blush:

Sculpting with such a great sense of line - bravo!

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Thank you for the kind words :blush::blush:

Thank you bro​:blush:

Haha c’est super !

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So good! @Prabhat_Majumdar Love that Wacom_Girl too! Well done!

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Thank you sir