Shark WIP

The new Z3 is giving me nightmares! LOL Ok, started out with zsphere modeling… got it kinda like I want to start out with… then I’ve used Adaptive Skin… So far so good. This is like what I did in Z2 but now I’m lost. How do I move the points to make it look better? I’ve searched all the Wiki, the movies, and just plain tuts. I’ve seen that the move tool is now the transpose, but I’ve noticed that has been used to move the whole arm, leg, etc. all I want are a few little points moved. Is there something I am missing?

Anyway, this shark doesn’t need to be too detailed as I’m making this for my husband’s project. He’s using VRML and I can make it in zbrush and save out as an object file.

Here it is so far:


Use the ‘Tweak’ brush in the left column, That threw me for a loop too. 50.

Looks like a great start Wenna. I think it threw us all for a loop on the move function. I am getting strange behavior with my Z spheres. Thats further than I got lol.

Hi Wenna! Nice to see you again. The change from Move to Tweak definitely messed us all up at first, but it’s basically the same. Can’t wait to see this finished. Great start, so far. :+1:

Oh, you guys are a life savers!!! Thanks so much for the help! Glad to see you guys are still and helping us who just love to fiddle and keep our minds working…hopefully to learn. LOL

I really do appreciate the help!