Shared ZScripts & Macros category guidelines -- Please read before posting

Welcome to the Shared ZScripts & Macros category!

This category is meant for finished ZScript utilities, Macros and ZPlugins so that they can more easily be located by the rest of the ZBC community.

In order to make it easier for people to find the scripts that they need, please follow these conventions whenever posting a ZScript or ZPlguin:

  1. The title of your post should be the name of the ZScript, Macros or ZPlugin.

  2. The first part of the post should state what the utility is meant for. This information will be visible when someone mouses over the forum title in the list of threads. Starting your post with a clear description of the script’s function will make the most of that feature.

  3. The post should contain clear instructions for how to install and run the script.

Remember: ZBC has advanced search capabilities. Write your posts so that other members can easily find your script!

Please note that this category is not the place to ask questions about ZScripting. Please use the ZScripting Help category instead.

Thank you, and happy authoring!