Shanley Quillan - Leprechaun

Shanley Quillan - SHAN-lee - Meaning: small, ancient. Quillan - QWIL-en Gaelic and means “from the woods.”
Leprechauns tend to be solitary faeries, which makes them hard to find. They say if you do find one that they often have pots of gold. However, the gold may not be the kind you might be expecting.
Shanley is my first full creation in ZBrush. Sculpted, polypainted, fibermesh (love this stuff), topologized, and UVd. Special thanks to @Shane_Olson for teaching me the fine details of ZBrush so that I could bring one of my characters to life and create something entirely in ZBrush.
The final render was created with Maxon C4D utilizing Redshift.

Quick flythrough the setup…nothing else.


Golden honey! What a neat twist on the legends. He’s a really great little character and you’ve come up with quite a few unique details to keep him interesting. Good job!

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Thank you @aurick ! I really appreciate the kind words. I am happy that you like it, it means a lot coming from you!