SH4D0W - Cinematic Character

Here we go! This is my final project at Think Tank Training Centre Online.
For my last project i decided to pick a complete hard surface concept. I learned a LOT with all those hard surface pieces. Topology and shapes are as clean as possible. I need to learn more about texturing and shading, right now i feel weak about it. It was a hard journey but I’m happy that i finished it in time. There are a lot of stuff that could be improved but that’s ok, still learning :smiley:

Some tech info: Modeled in Zbrush and Maya, textured in Mari and Substance, clothes in Marvelous and rendered with Vray.
Times that Maya crashed: uncountable

Video presentation: https://vimeo.com/363116686


Wow. Really beautiful work all around. Congrats!

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Thanks a lot man! Glad u liked it!