SF 'Maya' Crimson Viper

Hello all!
This is my entry on the fighting challenge over facebook.
I just wanted to do some hot lady so here it is!

Done with zbrush, max and vray.

Hope you like it!





Hello Fabio

Great Job Bro!!!
Cool Render!

Fabio, ever thought of 3d printing your creations? You seem to have been doing this for a long time, I would love to know if you have printed something out?

what an awesome piece of work! great pose and detail!
makes my eyes water with joy!

Wow, great model. I think nobody wants to disappoint this girl

Just curious what render setting did you use to get it looking this great, or did the render not look so good and you Photoshopped it to look better?

wow! absolutely love it!

That is nothing short of superb.

Amazing work! Loving the pose and your render, really great job on this one :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys! Very happy you like it!

@sorovince, Yes I do! All the time! It´s just that here in Brazil 3D printing is very expensive. I have some printing work but I´ve never done a personal one.

@VisceralD, nothing too fancy with render settings. Just enough vray sudv to make it less noisy (mats, lights, etc…). The most important here are the textures and lights. And of course we all do some PS work later. If you have any other specif question, just let me know.

Here are some simple breakdown images with some comments on I´d like to share. Hope it help somehow on your guys work.


Nicely done! Thanks for the breakdown. Cheers.

she looks great man can’t stop starring at her

THanks a lot guys!

@flammers, thanks man, glad you like it. What an amazing reel you´ve got. Great characters and presentation. Cheers!

Lovely dynamic sculpt Fabio. Many thanks for sharing your workflow. Clothing is something I have been wondering about lately and it’s nice to see a detailed explanation.

sexy as hell :slight_smile: thx for the breakdown

Very cool work!, Just one thing I noticed:, the buttons on the blouse are on the wrong side :wink: (does not matter in the final render though…)

Great stuff! She is so lovely! Thanks for sharing modelling process!

Good works.