Seventri Sketchbook/WIP

Hi everyone,

Long time lurker, but have never posted any of my work. Mostly intimidated I think :slight_smile: Anyway, I thought I’d start and open up with a recent WIP. Still a lot of refinements yet to do on this (Hair & Robe especially), but getting closer.

My subject is one of the ten Sybils from Greek/Roman mythology.

Hope you like and comments and critiques are welcome.





Hi Seventri!
This looks Good!. The pose looks nice.
I am quite new to posting too… found it quite hard to navigate though posts etc. But once you have the basics its not too bad.

Another work in progress of mine. I’ve become sort of obsessed with the Way of Kings novel by Brandon Sanderson and this is a concept of Dalinar. One of the books main characters. Plan on posing and compositing him soon. Hope you like and of course any c & c is welcome. I’ve been looking at him far too long :slight_smile:


A hand study…



Here’s my final composition of Dalinar (a.k.a. The Blackthorn) and a few shots of the Zbrush model. Hope you like.





Lo-Poly model


Thought I’d try out a “quick” render with Vray. Not really that familiar with it so it took me awhile just to get a basic setup rendered. I’m happy with the result but a little dismayed by the time sink. Too much to learn :wink:


Very nice work … Love the render (composite) :smiley:

Cheers, David

Quick sculpt I did at lunch. Just wanted to play with something more stylistic and mess around with lightcaps and the bpr settings.


Thanks David, really appreciate it :slight_smile:

New BPR render. Only thing I did with this was adjust the curves and levels in Photoshop.


Quick female head study. Wanted to play with some of the new features in 4R6. Really like the new ZRremesher.

I love the stylization of this new female face, she feels like a true individual.

Thanks Adam :slight_smile: I really appreciate it.

I try to use several reference photos of different people when working and sort of Frankenstein features together. I think it helps bring out more character. At least that’s my theory…

Quick IMM Brush I did of some earbuds. Sharing in the hopes someone can use it :slight_smile: Download link below…

Also posted it in the Multi-Mesh Repository thread.